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- 5 day or 500 miles return or exchange
- Comprehensive multi-point inspection
- Clean title guarantee 

*Excludes Trade-In Cars

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We would love to hear from everyone who has bought an Audi car from us!  Write a Testimonial

I bought a 2006 Audi Avant S-Line from Tim and Rick. Their service is top-shelf and I plan on buying from them again in the future. We’ve stayed in touch since my purchase and they are always willing to answer a question or give advice. They also connected me with one of the best Audi-mechanics in the area, Tom Martins of Tommy’s Garage in Hopkins. Please feel free to ask them for my phone number if you have any questions about Auto ACU.

Andy K.
Duluth, MN

I just bought a 1999 Audi A4 turbo from Rick Mudge and I couldn't be happier. He made sure it had new tires and brakes and it was also detailed! He has the best Audi's for sale at an amazing price. I found out that he only has the best cars at a more then reasonable price! Thanks so much Rick.


I sat and listened to my son Rob talk about these guy's that sell Audi's. Great people, easy to work with and of course real value. Rob was right on the money, everyone there is knowledgeable, nice and so easy to work with, I don't know how they feel about me, but I have the highest respect for them, plus I consider them friends. They are great businessmen with honor and integrity. What can I say, I will only buy vehicles from them.

If I forgot to say, I use to be a sales trainer for Saturn Corporation, I know what is out there. I have no problem recommending them at all. 

Tom C
Hastings, Minnesota

Hey Rick,

It's Ashley. Just want to say I'm loving the new car. It's so fun to drive. 

I just got the title and plates for the car. I was wondering if you could send some bolts so that I can put the plates on.

Let me know when you get a chance.

Thanks so much!


Rick you may remember that in 2007, I was looking to buy a five cylinder Audi S6.  You referred me to Ted in Chicago.  I bought his car in July 2007 and drove it back to California.  I still have it and enjoy driving it thoroughly.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your referral.  I have since then joined the Audi Quattro Club and am a big fan of turbo charged Quattros.

Ted and Jean were such wonderful Audi owners and individuals.  It was a pleasure meeting them and continuing their love of that car.  They gave us a memorable tour of Chicago and their hometown.

Thanks Again,

I have purchased so many cars over the years I have lost count. I have bought cars from private parties, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Lexus and BMW (the list goes on and on) and none of them can hold a candle to the extraordinary experience offered by Rick and Tim at Auto Acquisitions.  These two gentlemen are determined to make every customer a satisfied customer and they know the key is total and complete buyer satisfaction.

Picture your experience at a five star resort or your favorite restaurant where the owners know you and treat you like royalty. Now imagine that kind of white glove treatment when you purchase an automobile from Tim and Rick at Auto Acquisitions.  These gentlemen have built their business on exceptional customer service, extraordinary value and go above and beyond to assist with the buying experience.

This is not a high pressure or high priced sell. They are interested in matching individuals with automobiles that will delight them.

Professional, honest, gracious, above board, courteous. WOW! Tim and Rick are the real deal.

Larry L
Buffalo MN

I have bought two cars from Tim and Rick.  Being a person that has worked in the automotive industry, I can say it is a real pleasure to do business with them.  Rick and Tim are not only very honest, but they do not FORCE you to make decisions to benefit themselves.  They work with each customer on a one on one basis, making sure that you are happy with the purchase of your car and paying what you feel comfortable with.

The car sales people around Minneapolis could learn a lot from Rick and Tim and that is professionalism. Honesty, friendly, professional and actually having the customer in charge of purchasing their car that is what makes Rick and Tim great people!  PLEASE any of you reading this, want to call me about Tim or Rick please do.  You can reach me at 952-240-3194.  Thank you.

Lance S
Chanhassen MN

My girlfriend sent me a bunch of pictures yesterday she took of the car and her dad said that it was a beautiful car that ran great and they said you were really friendly and helpful. I just wanted to say thank you for the car and I can not wait to get back to the states to go show off in it. Thanks Again.

Billy W

A few months ago, I started looking for a pre-owned Audi A6. I drove several Audis at multiple dealerships. I wasn’t satisfied with the pricing of the cars or the knowledge of the sales people. I “took a chance” and called Rick at Star Motorwerks / Auto Acquisitions USA. I was a little skeptical at first because of their extremely competitive pricing. The phrase, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…” kept going through my mind. I have been a police officer for 14 years and my experience has taught me not everyone is honest.

After talking to Rick over the phone several times, I realized he was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Audi vehicles. Rick assured me the A6 he had was in excellent condition and was just what I was looking for. I told Rick I would buy the car, if it was everything he had promised. Since he was traveling through my area, he drove the A6 to my house (about 250 miles from Minneapolis) and I took it for a drive. Rick explained everything about the car during the test drive. I purchased the car about 20 minutes later. The buying experience was easy and pressure-free.

Rick is not your typical car salesman. He wants his customers to be happy with their Audi. He never used any pressure tactics during the sale. I have owned my A6 for a few months and it has been trouble-free. I will definitely buy my next Audi from Star Motorwerks / Auto Acquisitions USA. The buying experience was much better than my past experiences of buying new cars at dealerships. I would recommend Star Motorwerks Motorwerks / Auto Acquisitions USA to anyone. I have already referred several of my friends to Rick and his team.

Carlos N
Fargo, ND

I have been a customer of Auto Acquisitions and Tim Noyes for close to 5 years. I am on my 7th Audi and also currently own a BMW, a Mercedes and a Ferrari. 

Tim, Rick and their team provide unbeatable values in low-mileage, off-lease Audis and other European makes. He can find you the exact make, mileage, and features you want if he does not have the right car in stock for you. He is not a fly by night operation having been in business for well over a decade. He runs a low overhead operation but always supports his product with excellent service. And importantly in the car industry, he is a very nice person with solid integrity. 

Tim, Rick and their techs know the ins and outs of Audis and other high end cars. A dealership will read a computer code and then replace a whole subassembly or module. When there is no fault code present, they generally give up or just replace one thing after another at random while the bills rake up. With Tim, you actually get the correct diagnosis beyond what a readout might say and end up paying a fraction of the dealer price for a much higher quality repair. When my Audi A6 2.7T blew a turbo, Tim replaced the turbos with new ones for about half of what the dealer wanted to put remanufactured ones in. Without him, I would have had to scrap that car. 

In 20 years of owning Audis, I have only once seen one shop as good as Tim’s and Rick's. The gentleman apprenticed at the Audi factory in Germany -and he is in Scottsdale, Arizona so if you need an Audi or an Audi repair this is where you go in Minnesota. 

Bo A

If you are considering buying a pre-owned Audi, you owe it to yourself to check these guys out. Rick and Tim offer a car acquisition experience that is second to none. 

First, they not only know Audis, they are passionate about them and strive to provide a vehicle that is as near perfect as it can be for pre-owned.

Next, they offer exceptional value. Look around a bit and then come here. I saw a lot of junk at ridiculous prices. I felt a sense of fairness in their asking price that was actually a little frustrating because I like to haggle. It never occurred to me though because it was already such a good deal. No pressure, we closed our deal with a handshake.

Lastly, what really separates Rick and Tim from the rest is that they aren't just looking to sell you a car. They want to know you’re happy with it and freely offer their knowledge as to how to maintain your vehicle cost effectively. I can and do call Rick whenever I have a question about my A6. If he's busy, he always calls back.

That kind of service is hard to come by and even harder to put a value on. To me, it says they're already looking down the road to when I'll be looking for my next Audi. They're right!!!

Jeff C

Would like to share a fantastic car buying experience. Anyone looking for a fine preowned Audi you should contact Rick or Tim at Star Motowerks / Auto Acquisitions. Both great guys, true Audi enthusiasts - and since they don't have the overhead of a typical dealer they offer great savings.

They specialize in lease return and clean Audi's - review their web site but I learned that about 75-80% of their business is personal car finding so most of their cars do not make it to the site.

I specified my preferences and price range (I was afraid they were too specific and limiting) but they found my car within a week and it was beyond my requests - lower miles and in the middle of my price range. 

black on black A4, 33000 miles.

I will be dealing with them again on my next vehicle, (my 3rd Audi) no question.

Jess L

Dear Rick and Tim,

I am writing this letter of praise in appreciation and gratitude for my good fortune in having been recommended to Star MotorWerks through a former satisfied customer, Mark Evans.

For several years I had been in the market to purchase a car. Due to reluctance on my part to go the route of scouring used car parking lots and continue to deal with a high level of chaos, I was glad to try a different route. 

Upon meeting Tim Noyes with Star MotorWerks, I didn’t feel a high pressure sales situation. He was pleasant, helpful and really more interested in what would work for me versus a commission for himself. An above average amount of time was spent looking at the potential Audi and going over questions, concerns, etc. Tim was always happy to assist and do what he could to help me overcome any discomfort or concerns. 

Shortly after purchasing the car, the engine light remained on and I was second guessing my purchase. In my distress, Tim was phoned and advised he would gladly refund the full purchase price of the car. He also asked if I would give StarMotorWerks a chance to make good on their sale. He indicated he would try a few repairs in hopes of disengaging the engine light and getting the car in what I considered proper working condition. I was amazed at the forthrightness of the shop and the owner. Tim and his staff spent their time and effort in making sure I was happy with the purchase. In my opinion, they far exceeded expectations. Not only did I receive a great deal on a previously owned car, but ended up with one of the finest driving vehicles available. I have been impressed with the security, safety and capabilities of the Audi A6. 

I appreciate all that Star MotorWerks has accomplished to keep me a satisfied customer. There is no explanation for their quality treatment except it is part of their nature. I would recommend Star MotorWerks to anyone looking for an above average Audi and sales staff.

Cheryl Mamer

I could not be more pleased with the great A-6 you sold me. With my champagne taste but college student beer budget, I was amazed how much car I could get for my money through Auto Acquisitions USA / Star Motor Works! You over-performed in every way for me, and I am very grateful to you. You were absolutely great to work with!


I want to take a moment and let you know how pleased I am with the Audi you sold me...It still looks and drives like a new car, at a fraction of what I'd have paid new, and at thousands less than I would have paid at a dealership. The value speaks for itself, the cool style is obvious to anyone who sees it, and the responsive drivability is amazing! Thank you, guys! 

I've always liked Audi and driven them before, yet I always thought Lexus was my favorite car. But after having my A-6 for a month, I have to admit it bumps Lexus to #2! This is a much more fun car to drive, without sacrificing comfort and luxurious special touches. And the Star team's class act in extremely competitive pricing, delivery, and after-sale service can't be touched. I'll not only be sending friends in, my next car will definitely be an Audi bought from Auto Acquisitions USA / Star Motor Works!